About Us

Our mission is…

Distribute information about upcoming campaigns, events, and opportunities for engagement.
Create opportunities for aces and allies to get hands-on experience advocating for asexual issues and develop leadership to ensure the future of our movement.
Work alongside other progressive groups in coalition towards our policy goals.

What is this about?

Until now, asexual activism has been focused on education and visibility efforts. The Asexual Visibility and Education Network and other groups like it have made great strides in visibility and awareness about asexuality in the past decade. This has brought our community out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Our goal is different than other asexuality projects. This project aims to mobilize aces and allies across the United States with shared political values to take action for progressive policy issues, including asexual issues.

But asexuals don’t face discrimination.

The dialogue around asexuality that insists that asexuals do not experience the “same” oppression as other groups and therefore are somehow less deserving of public conversation is rooted in arguments of privilege. This not only creates a hierarchy of oppression where some oppressions are worse than others, but also ignores the complexity of oppression that happens in many different forms, including through invisibility and erasure.

Asexuals are routinely called liars to their faces when they share their own lived experiences, are assumed to be sick or defective, and in one study, the public perception of asexual people was that they are mechanized and inhuman. Because sexuality is equated with healthy intimacy, asexual people are wrongly perceived as emotionally stunted, socially incompetent, and insufficiently masculine or feminine. From crippling isolation to internalized feelings of brokenness, to rejection by family and partners, to bullying, pathologization, and sexual violence, there are distinct issues that affect the asexual community.

Some aces also experience transphobia because of their gender identity or expression, and some experience homophobia because of their relationship(s) or the perception that they are not participating in the traditional heteronormative relationship structure and therefore are perceived to be gay or lesbian. These issues intersect with the struggle for LGBT equality.

Our intention is to advocate not just for asexual policy issues but also to work in coalition with other movements for social justice and equality.

What are asexual policy issues?

Currently, asexuality is only protected in a couple of states. In New York, it is illegal to discriminate against asexual people, and in Vermont the Human Rights Commission recognizes asexuality. As we move forward together, asexual policy issues on the horizon include employment protections and comprehensive sex education, as well as participating in safe school acts and pushing for comprehensive education for health professionals.

But we also know that social justice and equality exists only when all oppressed and/or marginalized persons are given equal access and protection under the law. Issues of systemic racism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, and patriarchy must be challenged at the same time that we lay the legal groundwork for our community. We stand in solidarity with other pressing social justice issues such as a federal employment non-discrimination act that includes provisions for gender identity and sexual orientation, comprehensive immigration legislation, equal marriage rights in all fifty states, comprehensive sex education, the right to reproductive health care, a safe schools act that addresses bullying, restoring the Voting Rights Act, and protecting freedom and privacy on the internet.

Why now?

Discrimination against asexual, demisexual, and grey-a people may not yet be codified into law. Now is the ideal time to advocate for laws before legal opposition arises. By organizing together in coalition with other movements, we can honor intersectionality and explore complexity together through political action. Engaging politically will help establish asexual advocacy in America and furthers our community goals of awareness, education, and visibility.

Join us.

Whether you are ace or an ally, get involved today and join us in making a difference for progressive and asexual politics. Sign the pledge today!